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Rubber Belt Manufacturers & Suppliers

Elastop offer you various rubber V-Belt, rubber synchronous belt and rubber Conveyor Belt.

Rubber Belt
Classical V-belt
Product Name:Classical V-belt
Item:Elastop 460VB

Under the excellent and special frame, V-belt is resistant heat,oil,fatigue,long-life and so on. The availability of power,speed,long life ,small distortion and occupy space is needed. The wide apply for electromotor and internal-combustion engine and power transmission of equipment.

Narrow V-belt
Product Name:Narrow V-belt
Item:Elastop 460NV

Narrow v-belts the relative height of which is about 0.9.There are two types of narrow v-belts:wrapped narrow v-belts and raw edge narrow v-belts which includes cogged one and flat one.The specifications is divided into SP range and V range.

Double V-belt
Product Name:Double V-belt
Item:Elastop 460DV

Six side Belt,also named Double Angle V-Belt. There are four side on the working section .It is used for textile and agriculture machines

Banded V-belt
Product Name:Banded V-belt
Item:Elastop 460BV

Banded V-Belt is banded by several pieces V-Belt and Narrow V-Belt, It is vulcanized to shape. Have good quality. And have the equal bear force, move reposefully, the force of hear the weight is high, long life, dithering and overturn uneasily. It is used for occasion which is pulsating burthen and concussion librating.

Ribbed V-belt
Product Name:Ribbed V-belt
Item:Elastop 460RV

With reasonable form, It can raise heat-sinking capacity and flexile strong polyester tension. Wires can increase their anti-fatigue strength and recoil. Rubber body with short fiber can increase their wearability. It is suitable for high-speed transmission of short-diameter belt pulley.

Industrial synchronous belt
Item:Elastop 460IS

Timing belt is made up of aged endless belt relevant. Exact transmission, stable, small noise, constant velocity rate which can be gained. Our company produce the timing belt have resistant oil, heat aging.

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