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Rubber Sheet Manufacturers & Suppliers

Elastop offer you various Industrial Rubber Sheet,Anti-slip rubbrr sheet.

Rubber Sheet
Black Rubber Sheet
Product Name:Black Rubber Sheet
Item:Elastop 460BR

With moderate performance & higher hardness, working under the low pressure status at the temperature of -30~+60 dgree C in the air. For seal gasket, seal strip, it also could be put on the workbench, or used as rubber matting and rubber.

Styrene-butadiene Rubber Sheet

A value priced rubber sheet that combines the properties of our Black SBR rubber with a stable red colour in outdoor applications. Used for gaskets and other sheet applications where a recognizable red colour is required

Nitrile Rubber Sheet

Black Nitrile sheet provides superior resistance to oils, solvents gasoline and other hydrocarbon chemicals. It is resistant to abroad range of aromatic oils and has greater resistance than oil resistant sheet or neo-prene sheet. Recommended for applications where the rubber is in contact with oils and solvents.

Neoprene Rubber Sheet
Item:Elastop 460CR

Neoprene is usesd where moderate oil and petrolium based solid resistance is required. Neoprene is an excellent product used for vibration, dampening as gasket applications.

Ethylene propylenediene Rubber Sheet
Item:Elastop 460EPDM

A superior rubber sheet for outdoor and high ozone environment applications. EPDM rubber sheet also provides better resistance to acids, alkali and ketones than other rubber sheets. EPDM sheet is used for roofing and automotive applications where high temperature (up to 150C)and excellent aging characteristics are required. However, EPDM sheet has poor resistance to fuels, oils and alcohols.

Silicone Rubber Sheet
Item:Elastop 460SC

High tension, oil-proof, high temperature resistance and anti-aging, poison and odor free. Used in the oil medium of low &high temperature, with good sealing performance, which is widely apply to produce seals in the electronic, pharmacy and chemical industry

Fluorine Rubber Sheet
Item:Elastop 460Viton

With many characters such as good heat ageing resistance, high temperature resistance, ozone resistance, oil resistance, vacuum resistance, acid & alkali resistance, chemical resistance. It could work in the air, oil or the medium which contains 30% acid or alkali at the temperature of -20~+300 dgree C. Apply to punch all kinds of sealing washer and gasket.

Hypalon Rubber Sheet
Item:Elastop 460HPL

We are also capable of producing molded slabs up to 4" thick and we can slit into strips or stripping.

Oil resistant Rubber sheet
Item:Elastop 460OR

With moderate hardness and good expansibility resistance in the solvent. Working in lubricating oil, gasoline and any other medium under the temperature -30~+80 dgree C. Apply to punch the gasket with all kinds of shapes

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